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Tips for dealing with Corona World

May 01 2020
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Mat offers some useful steps to help you stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) played a massive part in helping me to get clean, so as soon as I started feeling blue, I decided to revisit some of the lessons I learnt. The NHS has a good intro:

  • A good starting point is to introduce structure and routine.
  • Re-evaluate the things that make you feel negative (see p24–25).
  • Write a diary dealing with your issues one-by-one. It stops you getting overwhelmed.
  • Focus on your current problems and find the issues you can do something about.

Don’t be scared to ask for help When I got the virus I ended up in a pretty bad way. Someone I spoke to on the phone could hear this and put pressure on me to call NHS 111. By the next morning I had been prescribed antibiotics that soon cured my underlying infection and turned things around.

Running is a great way to connect to the city and the endorphin rush is a bit like taking drugs without the ill health, incarceration & overdoses. Don’t like running? Try cycling, walking or weights.

Meds Prescribers are changing the way that scripts are being done at the moment. The chemist allowed me to get someone to pick up my prescription whilst I was on lockdown. I had to arrange this with my drug worker and provide a letter for the friend who picked up for me. She also picked up my antibiotics.

Yoga isn’t just for posh yogurt-eating hippies, it works for anyone. Last year I nagged a couple of mates into trying it out and now they do it regularly. Google Yoga with Adriene – she’ll get you started.