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Mat's column: Live, listen, learn

When the Pavement was offered a chance to host a panel at this year’s Byline Festival, we thought it might be an opportunity to raise awareness about our magazine and the issues faced by the homeless community we represent, writes Mat Amp.

Object Hunters
Julz Watt and Mat Amp spent a day with the founders of the Museum of Homelessness ahead of their State of the Nation event at the Tate Modern
“Never give up...”
A tribute to Jimmy Carlson, OBE
Hollywood homelessness
Richard Gere attends the closing night of Glasgow Film Festival for the first UK screening of his new film
A new spoken word piece by a homeless group reveals the sounds of rough sleeping


Outside looking in

How being homeless left even more people on the outside, by Mat Amp 

Show time

Accumulate's moving online ceremony. Report by Mat Amp

How was lockdown?

Groundswell is monitoring the Impact of Covid-19 on people who are homeless. Report by Mat Amp, Jo Brown & Martin Burrows

Escape plan
What we lose in the fire we find in the ashes, writes Mat Amp
Building people

Mat Amp reports back from the first International Arts and Homelessness Festival & Summit held in Manchester

Working homeless: "I've got 99 problems"
Starting a job and trying to cope till your first pay day is made extra hard if you are living on the street. Interview by Mat Amp


A new day

Is it just possible that things are changing for the better? Round-up by Deputy Editor Mat Amp

Better believe

Round-up of the 21st century lowlights and some positive personal changes by Mat Amp

Tattoo time

How Covid-19 changes in the way we get together and work shook Deputy Editor Mat Amp’s recovery


How a story about hope helped Deputy Editor Mat Amp rebuild his life.

Is anyone out there?

Pavement’s Deputy Editor Mat Amp had to self-isolate after a friend caught Covid-19. Not long after he got ill. Now recovering he’s pondering the big question – who am I if no one else is around?

Tips for dealing with Corona World

Mat offers some useful steps to help you stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic


Kevin Headley
For Kevin Headley, who died aged 52 on 5 May 2018 as the result of a suspected heart attack

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