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Mat's column: Live, listen, learn

When the Pavement was offered a chance to host a panel at this year’s Byline Festival, we thought it might be an opportunity to raise awareness about our magazine and the issues faced by the homeless community we represent, writes Mat Amp.

Object Hunters
Julz Watt and Mat Amp spent a day with the founders of the Museum of Homelessness ahead of their State of the Nation event at the Tate Modern
“Never give up...”
A tribute to Jimmy Carlson, OBE
Hollywood homelessness
Richard Gere attends the closing night of Glasgow Film Festival for the first UK screening of his new film
A new spoken word piece by a homeless group reveals the sounds of rough sleeping


What's in a word?

Searching for the definition of compassion and considering its importance to the homeless community. By Mat Amp

Those next human steps

Our deputy editor ponders the steps we need to take when re-engaging with society and recovering. By Mat Amp

No act too small

What constitutes an act of kindness? And will a true act of kindness please stand up? Asks Mat Amp

Making community home

A few words on communities new and old, and what it means to feel part of one. By Mat Amp

Hope helps

On the importance of hope and belief in yourself when you are in recovery. By Mat Amp.

Panic writing

At times creativity, like nature, thrives off of necessity. Backed into a corner with a deadline looming, our deputy editor’s creative faculty springs into action. Words by Mat Amp


Crack squirrels

In a world constantly vying for our attention, our deputy editor at times felt lost in it all. He talks about distraction, addiction, cracking on in life and, well, crack squirrels. By Mat Amp

Access denied by Mat Amp

Drawing on his own experience of homelessness and feeling disconnected to the wider world, deputy editor Mat Amp outlines the need for free, open access to the internet for all

The fuel for connection

Tackling the disconnection many of us have felt since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Mat Amp emphasises the need to share and empathise with stories

Circle of truth

Taking in the day-to-day, service delivery, addiction and work, Mat Amp explores what respect, disrespect and self-respect mean

Lockdown, life & other things

Musings and meditations on the past 18 months, after a brush with bad health.

Creative writing

Confronting and (gradually) overcoming grief and writer’s block,
by Mat Amp


Kevin Headley
For Kevin Headley, who died aged 52 on 5 May 2018 as the result of a suspected heart attack

Your voice

Black/white, boy/girl

Drawing parallels to the injustice and prejudice he faced growing up, Mat Amp examines a new wave of hatred targeting a vulnerable group of people

Stop blaming addicts

On using drugs, the stigma attached to addiction, and the problem with criminalisation. By Mat Amp