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How was lockdown?

July 01 2020

Groundswell is monitoring the Impact of Covid-19 on people who are homeless. Report by Mat Amp, Jo Brown & Martin Burrows

Since the Covid-19 pandemic first came to the UK, Groundswell have been working with NHS England to understand the issues currently faced by the homeless community during the crisis. The pandemic and the measures taken to contain the virus are having a significant impact on the lives of people who are homeless. The research has included people sharing their experiences through interviews and reporting through their mobile phones. The evidence gathered is helping to inform how the NHS and other services respond.

This is what we have heard so far during our Impact of Covid-19 research:

  • “I have been on lockdown for 3 weeks. Can't access a GP service and unable to speak with my keyworker as they are unwell.”
  •  “Benefits are a big issue.”
  • “A lot of us cannot use the internet.”
  • “My mental health has deteriorated… I’m lonely and bored.”
  • “I’ve had Covid-19. I spent 16 days in bad way and received no real support from the staff at the hostel.”
  • “My doctor changed my script and I couldn't get my meds over the weekend which caused me to relapse.”
  • “[I have] gone from being [street] homeless to having food delivered, making new friends and getting taxis to health appointments.”

Join the research

If you are street homeless, living in a hotel, hostel, sofa surfing or have recently been moved on, Groundswell would love to hear from you. Text 07476 552 438 to share your story confidentially and anonymously. You will be charged your usual rate for texts, but we can reimburse you for phone credit to cover the cost of data and text messages.