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Twigs make homes

November 01 2020

Technology is always for the good isn’t it? Well, maybe not. Chris Sampson suggests a science shake-up that might see twigs and bits and bobs used to build homes. Here’s how...

Imagine machines so small that 100 of them could fit inside the full stop at the end of this sentence.

Far-fetched sci-fi cobblers, you say? Well, scientists at Cornell University in new York state have built such a microscopic device, which ‘walks’ on four legs, triggered by lasers. It is hoped that a swarm of such devices can be injected into human bodies and be programmed to search for and destroy cancer cells and – who knows? – maybe even rid us of covid-19.

nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the molecular and atomic level. For example, trees are made mainly of carbon. left to rot for millions of years, they turn into coal. leave 'em for a few million more years, and you’ve got diamonds. and are, therefore, rich.

But if everyone can make diamonds out of twigs, then what are the implications for societies based on money? If no one lacks cash, then none need go hungry or homeless (in case you were wondering what all this has got to do with the Pavement). It may even one day be feasible to ‘build’ homes out of odd scraps from a builder’s skip, junk yard, or fly tipping site.

Now, that really would be unbelievable....

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