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Sorry, we couldn't find any stories, try broadening your search.


Sorry, we couldn't find any stories, try broadening your search.


Hot Arse FC

A time-warping adventure to the past and the future, where Premier League footballers fight for a different kind of survival. From the Pavement’s satirist-in-chief, Chris Sampson

Codename: McHaggis

Operative MQS-X (Malcolm Scots-Little) is the lovechild of Mary Queen of Scots and Malcolm X. He travels through time not so much righting wrongs but making helpful suggestions, under the codename McHaggis. A story by Chris Sampson

Lost in music

A deep dive into the music soundtracking our writer’s day-to-day. What does it mean and how does it relate to mental health?
By Chris Sampson


A frightful tale of political intrigue and ghostly goings-on in the upper echelons of British society, as our reporter investigates the Ghost Creation Scheme. Words by Detective (not really) Chris Sampson.

Time to end homelessness

A darkly comic tale of government attitudes to homelessness, in which the PM has the last word. By scruffy scribe and friend of the Pavement, Chris Sampson


Carry on farce

The NHS faces cuts as demand grows. There is some hope, but, alas, found almost exclusively in the mind of the Pavement’s resident daft sod, Chris Sampson

The supporting role

As some guy said a while back, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. But it can be difficult figuring out your role. Let the Pavement’s satirist-in-chief guide you in your quest for understanding.
By Chris Sampson

The Homelessness Awards

Join our correspondent for a run-down of some of the contenders at the Homelessness Awards. A satire by Chris Sampson

Moving 'Em On

Livestreamed from PC Wellbeloved’s consciousness, by Chris Sampson

Under one roof

Life in a hostel with the Singer, the Racist and the Spy, by Chris Sampson


Sorry, we couldn't find any stories, try broadening your search.

Your voice

(Eff off) Back to the Future

Everybody’s favourite nepo-time-traveller, McHaggis, goes on a medieval Odd-yssey. By Chris Sampson

Nanotech adventures

Can some new technology help our reporter solve the seemingly impossible puzzle of time? A riveting blend of ‘Anarcho-nonsense’ and dedicated field reportage, by Chris Sampson

The time travel baby

A mind-bending take on the great Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom, and what it could mean for writers and their works. Words by Chris Sampson (or are they?)

A lovely winter's tale

In this otherworldly story, a hideous rhubarb-faced creature speaks (to an alien). By Chris Sampson

On-screen initiative ...

Here’s a thought: why isn’t there a scheme to have films featuring portrayals of homeless people pay into a fund for homeless charities? Writes Chris Sampson

Twigs make homes

Technology is always for the good isn’t it? Well, maybe not. Chris Sampson suggests a science shake-up that might see twigs and bits and bobs used to build homes. Here’s how...