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Dome Village closure

May 20 2009
Residents forced back onto the streets after massive rent hike The Dome Village in Los Angeles, USA, reported on in the last issue, is due to close on 1st November, forcing many people once again onto that city's streets. The closure is attributed to a huge and sudden increase in the rent for the property. While the value of the area has undoubtedly increased since Dome Village was founded 13 years ago, and a rent increase was expected, the landlord raising the rent seven times has proved catastrophic. According to John Hren, who has been working and living at the Dome Village for two years, the landlord's decision was influenced by the fact that the Dome Village founder, Ted Hayes, attended a woman's Republican lunch which was covered by the Los Angeles Times newspaper. "The Landlord, who is a keen Democratic, saw the article and called to say that he was increasing the rent to $18,000 monthly; he actually told Ted that he should find backing by his Republican friends," Hren alleged. Dome Village's 32 residents are being forced to vacate the property in just a few days, and there are fears that some of them will not be able to identify a suitable shelter by 1st November. In the meanwhile, people will have to be separated from their pets to make their search easier. But the staff of the Dome Village have not given up. They are currently looking for another location to establish the new and improved Dome Village. To achieve that, they have placed a number of domes on eBay to raise money.