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Ken Loach criticises Shelter

May 21 2009
Director urges charity‘s supporters to stop donating until a staff pay dispute is resolved Award-winning film director Ken Loach has urged its supporters to stop donating to Shelter until a pay dispute within the large charity is resolved. The director of the TV drama Cathy Come Home, a long-term supporter of Shelter, has thrown his backing behind the staff after they voted on 22nd February to strike over pay and conditions. Managers have demanded Shelter's staff work an extra two-and-a-half hours a week without pay, thus saving ¬¨¬£1,700 per person over the year, in order that Shelter can compete with the larger private-sector companies providing some of the same services. Chief executive Adam Sampson emailed all his staff, saying: "Those who decide that they are not prepared to work under the new arrangements will, with regret, be issued with notices of dismissal."