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Homeless academy

May 21 2009
A decent home and a job are key factors in reducing re-offending Amid discussions on the Criminal and Immigration Bill on 5th February, Lord Ramsbotham revealed plans for the creation of a new kind of institution, aimed at dealing with issues faced by young offenders and homeless people. Talking in the House of Lords, the former chief inspector of prisons announced the "academy"would bring together young people - including rough sleepers - who have been sentenced to custody or community work. He said: "There will be a custody element with something called a "foyer‚Äö?Ñ??, of which there are 100 in the country, dealing with the homeless, and there will also be people from the community so that the young people can be given work, education and other treatment locally on site so that they do not have to go too far." Tim Bell, director of housing for crime reduction charity Nacro, said: "Lord Ramsbotham's idea is an interesting one. "There would be many questions to answer about how to make the academy work effectively, but young people offend in local communities and that is where the real solutions lie in straightening them out. "We know from our experience as housing and training provider for many young people that a decent home and a job are key factors in reducing re-offending." Research has shown that young offenders coming out of custody without a place to stay are in a vulnerable position in terms of repeating their crimes. Re-offending figures range between 70 per cent and 80 per cent.