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Fancy joining a choir?

May 21 2009
If you need music in your life, your wish has been granted All-comers are invited to the first rehearsal of a new choir for London's homeless or formerly homeless. The choir director, Marie Benton, is an experienced musician, singer and choir director. She told The Pavement she is harbouring grand ambitions for this new project: "I'm really quite over-excited about starting up this choir. For me, singing is an absolutely essential part of life. It cheers me up when I'm unhappy, it keeps me company when I'm lonely and it eases the pressure when I'm stressed. Singing in a choir not only gives you all of that, it makes you feel like you really belong somewhere. "The choir is going to be great; not only will it be a supportive space where its members can really express themselves, the music itself is going to be absolutely fantastic too. I'm not sure at this stage exactly what our repertoire will be - I'll be asking the choir members what they want to sing - but at the first rehearsal I imagine we'll do some soul tunes, maybe a bit of reggae." Ms Benton has a lot of experience with gospel music, so it's likely that will be on the repertoire too. If you feel like you need music in your life, give this a try. You don't need to have any experience, but just need to be up for committing to weekly rehearsals. The first rehearsal is Monday 31st March, 7-9pm, at: Only Connect Theatre, 32 Cubitt Street, London WC1X 0LR (at the King's Cross end of Gray's Inn Road)