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Hackney 180 reopens after fire

September 26 2009
TRB is currently offering a limited service in front of St John‘s Church Services have resumed at the Hackney 180 day centre, based at St John's Church, Hackney, after a fire forced temporary closure at the beginning of the year. The fire on the 3rd of January caused extensive smoke damage to the building and destroyed office equipment. No one was hurt in the blaze, which was believed to be started by an electrical fault. After initially suspending operations at the site, Thames Reach Bondway, who run the centre, are currently offering some limited services. From 11am each morning, staff will distribute mail, and day centre services are available at the front of St John's Church, with key staff present. From there, anyone requiring further services will be given an appointment to see a staff member in the afternoon, at a nearby location. The 'Vision Impossible?' art project is temporarily operating from the Chats Palace community arts centre and is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.30am. Meanwhile, progress is being made to repair the church site and return operations to normal. The organisation's Street Rescue service for those sleeping rough was unaffected by the fire and is currently operating as normal.