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Big Brother contestant helps Brighton homeless

May 22 2009
Preston: admirer of St Patrick's Night Shelter Preston: admirer of St Patrick's Night Shelter
The Ordinary Boys‘ lead singer donates his share of the winnings to St Patrick‘s Night Shelter After being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House in 4th place, The Ordinary Boys' lead singer, Samuel Preston is sure to be welcomed at his local night shelter if his girlfriend kicks him out after much publicised flirting with eventual winner, Chantelle Houghton. The Big Brother contestant, donated the proceeds from his share of the final night phone poll to the St Patrick's Night Shelter, a local homeless charity in Brighton. Preston's contribution couldn't be better timed with the charity's night shelter project set to lose its ¬¨¬£200,000 annual grant from the Brighton and Hove City Council, later this month. When asked, it appears Preston chose the charity not because of any personal need, but more because of its proximity to his home and a long standing admiration of its work.