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The new St Martin's

September 26 2009
Marylebone Joe enjoys a nice hot shower in the new building! Dear Editor, Many Connection clients will be very pleased that the new building is up and running. Naturally, the human created in the image of perfection, quickly notices the imperfections any new project throws up. It would be wonderful for the clients to see a poster of the money spent on this "street dwellers'" service facility and find out who the large donors, architects and consultants might be. Perhaps there is more work yet to be done in the way of painting and decorating? The showers offer water in a very suitable manner, the initial scalding temperatures having been corrected, while the chrome furnishings and shower doors seem designed for a private home, rather than the heavy use this long-term facility seems destined to fulfill - they are already breaking down! Has The Pavement visited the new facility yet? Please offer us an inside report. Thanks, Marylebone Joe, London Dear Joe, Thank you for your letter. Although The Pavement was invited to the reopening of St Martin's, at the time we were unable to attend. However, in response to your letter, our news editor Catherine Neilan did go to have a look around the new facilities. Her report can be read on page 8. Editor