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Rumours in the City

May 22 2009
A reader tells us of more Poncho whispers and queries whether duress can possibly solve the street homeless problem Dear Editor, Word coming out of the City via Broadway outreach workers suggests that a new 'move on' exercise will begin on 15th September. Apparently outreach workers accompanied by the City of London police will be approaching people sleeping rough in the City, and any rough sleeper that refuses to cooperate with the Broadway outreach team will be forced to move on by the police. This information came from two Broadway outreach workers who were at the Dellow Centre on the morning of Tuesday 19th August. It remains to be seen as to whether this is just another attempt to psychologically intimidate rough sleepers into cooperating with the Broadway outreach services, or whether this information is correct. Also worthy of note: Many of the rough sleepers that disappeared from the City during the recent operation Poncho exercise are now reappearing back in the area. Is this a sure indication that putting street homeless people into hostels under duress is not a long term solution to the street homeless problem? Outsider