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No names, no pack-drill

May 23 2009
A reader is delighted that so many services are available to ex-servicemen like himself Dear Sir, I don't usually write to magazines, but having had my ear bent by a lot of guys on the street, I felt I should set the record straight. So many of my friends on the streets bemoan the fact that to get help you need a 'problem': you need to be on drugs or drink to get into a hostel, and immigrants get specialist services trying to house them. They're concerned that as white middle-aged males, they're pushed down the priority scale. I know it's not as they make out and the fact is that most of them, like me, choose to be on the street. However, I recently started looking to move off the street, and the moment I mentioned my short service in the Royal Navy, I was amazed at what was available. Of course, I knew about the Royal British Legion and had heard of a few of the others, but there are so many. The only one I don't see now is Toc H. I don't think I'll be taking up any of their offers soon, but it's nice to know they're there. Bob (Full name withheld by request) By email Dear Bob, Thank you for you letter, and you're quite correct: the services for ex-service men and women are good and getting better. A group of the best for our readers are included under 'Ex-Forces' in 'The List'. Editor