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Repossessions on the rise

May 24 2009
Repossessions put further pressure on local authorities The Council of Mortgage Lenders has announced that home repossessions in the UK had risen by 54 per cent to 40,000, and is expected to increase further in 2009. This has been putting pressure on local authorities to cater for ever increasing numbers of people finding themselves homeless. Last month, a man from the West Midlands was found living in a tent near the Ledbury bypass in Herefordshire after losing his job and being evicted from his home. Alan Gabb said he had been left with no option because as a single man with no dependents, over-stretched local authorities were unable to re-house him. Though a council spokesman said they could "signpost him to places where he is most likely to get advice", Mr Gabb would be at the tail-end of a 5,000-strong waiting list for homes in the area. A local resident has offered Mr Gabb a room as a result of the media exposure. He said: "I just need some help to get back on the ladder and sort my life out".