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CRI backs away from \'criminal element\'

July 10 2009
The Crime Reduction Initiative emphasises its work of promoting wellbeing with a change of name The Crime Reduction Initiative (CRI), which is responsible for many homeless services across the UK and capital, particularly outreach, is seeking to de-emphasise the 'Crime' in its name by becoming simply CRI. Kevin Crowley, its director, told The Pavement that the move was not a re-brand, but a move to reflect the organisation's work of promoting wellbeing by addressing issues such as alcoholism and homelessness. Mr Crowley said: "We have been delivering an awful lot of services that are not directly related to crime reduction. We are delivering these services nationally and while crime reduction is an ancillary benefit, our goals are improving health and social care." To reinforce this, the CRI is changing its strapline from "Safer communities through purposeful lives" to "Safer communities, healthier lives." The new motto will adorn marketing literature and the website. The shift is part of the CRI's five-year strategy, during which there will be a gradual and subtle shift in focus. Mr Crowley said the new strapline had a shelf-life of three years, after which further tinkering would be necessary. "In essence, it is reflective of the movement towards delivering healthcare. That is the only real change at the moment," he added. "That said, our clients do not really ask us about the meaning of our title - it has not really been an issue for us." CRI, a private sector organisation with charitable status, saw a turnover of £27.5m last financial year through contracts with local authorities, primary care trusts and local strategic partnerships.