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Skips for soup runs

May 24 2009
Hire skips to clear up soup run mess, suggests a reader Dear Editor, In The Pavement's December 2007 issue, there was an article in connection with Westminster City Council trying to stop the free food vans that provide for the homeless. It noted the mess that certain people leave around the vans so that the staff have to bring bin liners to take it away. A solution to this mess, depending on the council's finances, would be the hire of a skip so that when a food provider van drew up, any mess created by their presence could be dumped. The current bins in Lincoln's Inn don't get emptied on a frequent basis. Mr X, by post Dear Mr X, Although your idea would allow soup runs to clear up more easily and remove a key criticism of their work, it's unlikely to considered. Providing a skip would be seen as formalising a relationship between the council and provider, and would be seen as encouraging their work. After the attempt to ban soup runs last year, it's more likely we'll see a renewed attempt at legislation against the runs rather than acceptance. We'll look at the political climate in London as regards soup runs and report on any plans. Editor