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A death and a near miss

July 10 2009
Rough sleeper escapes death in waste lorry by seconds A homeless man is found dead at a waste disposal site on the same day a rough sleeper is almost crushed by a bin lorry. Raymond Pickering, 54, was found dead at the Biffa waste disposal site in Colwick, Nottingham, on Friday 15th May. The police believe he was sleeping rough in bins in Nottingham, but the exact cause of his death has yet to be determined. On the same day, a council bin lorry in Brighton had a near miss with a rough sleeper in one of its bins. The driver, working alone, stopped emptying bins with the lorry's automatic lift when he heard screams. The man escaped injury. Brighton and Hove council are discussing adding a man to their lorries to check the bins first, but this is a problem across the UK. Before the July issue, we aim talk to Biffa, one of the UK's largest waste disposal companies, which, we understand, is working on a campaign to stop this type of accident.