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Offensive T-shirts

June 14 2012
 We got it wrong...


Dear Editor,

I would like to say how disappointed I am that you did not make the effort or take the time to contact SIFA Fireside to get a full story about the “offensive” T-shirts. We contacted the Mercury to update and advise them too, as they appeared not to have the full account either. To cut to the chase, the T-shirts were made by homeless people approximately eight years ago, as part of a project, and were meant to be ironic in the style of Benetton. I do, however, appreciate the fact that it should not have happened and people feel offended.

The T-shirts were not sold in the store, and it was the shop manager who found one of the T-shirts and had put it online in an ill-judged attempt to gain attention. When investigated it was thought that all the offending T-shirts had been disposed of years ago.

I am totally supportive of The Pavement and believe it to be an excellent publication, and have both instigated and edited articles in the past with a view to ensuring they are to the best of my knowledge accurate, hence my reason for feeling very sad at this article not providing better detail. As with the Mercury article and yours, I suspect there is a greater need to generate interest!

Carole Fox
Manager, SIFA Fireside