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Visible community

December 04 2013
A new social network for homeless people allows their voices to be heard.


We Are Visible (WAV) is a new social network, launched last month by Mark Horvath, founder of Invisible People TV, who created online videos of homeless people to allow their voices to be heard.

So what’s WAV all about?
We Are Visible is private peer network for rough sleepers and homeless community to help each other through discussion forums, social media, and peer-to-peer support.

How did it all begin?
A few years back I started to interact with homeless people online over social media like Twitter and Facebook. Soon I was making friends with homeless people all over US and Canada along with those sleeping rough in the UK and Australia. Homeless people using the network started reaching out to other homeless people offering peer support.

And then?
The community started to grow, but it became clear people didn't feel comfortable sharing about life in a hostel or on the streets while connected to all their family and friends, who are also on Facebook. The solution was to build a place for just us – a place where we can talk about anything and everything related to the challenges of facing homelessness and sleeping rough. See you online.