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If it’s cold and wet outside...

...find yourself a night shelter


Around 5,000 adults sleep rough at least once in a year in Scotland: about 660 people on a typical night. Scottish Household Survey data

Edinburgh Care Van does pick-ups at 9.15pm and 9.30pm (unless shelter is already full) from Waterloo Place (by the station). Dinner and breakfast provided. Call 0131 561 8930 (day) or 07919 557 673 (night).

Glasgow City Mission runs the only emergency accommodation for rough sleepers in Glasgow. Find it in the Lodging House Mission.



You need to be referred to a night shelter, see a full list at www. If you are currently sleeping rough and need to be connected to local services, make an alert via StreetLink by calling 0300 500 0914 or

Crisis at Christmas opens on Saturday 23 Dec. Visit Crisis’ GET HELP pages or make your way to a day centre to ask for a referral.

Hackney Winter Night Shelter is open until end of March. Last year it had about 300 referrals, but only space for 145 guests. “Demand is definitely going to be higher due to the roll-out of Universal Credit.”

Crash Pad (for 18-25-year-olds) plans to open in November. Want a place? Call the Pilion Trust on 0207 700 2498 and ask to speak to Sam Parrington.

Quaker Christmas is now a day centre but will be open 24 hours for hot drinks, food and friendship.


The Crash Pad poem

Thomas Dalton used the Crash Pad twice, when he was 19 and again when he was 21. It’s been a lifesaver.

I've been lost
Deep in my minds maze
I've been in a place
Where i didnt know my face
Because of the mask in place
Hiding my inside
From my real life
Because the way i am aint seen as right
So im left
Stuck at the crossroads
Give up or man up
You always called me a dumb ass
But always told me i could do
If in my mind i tighten screws
More than once i deflated like a ballon
And more than once you let me back too
Too many mistakes ive made
But all you show is i can change
You never give up if you see potential
Even if my dynamic is so mental
And I meant to
Always return my gratitude
But my attitude never knew
A deep and sincere enough way to say
If it wasnt for the Crash Pad
I'd be dead today
So thank you