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Worthing beggar beaten and left for dead

July 10 2009
Drinker bled for hours before emergency services were called A beggar was beaten and left bleeding on the street for hours before anyone contacted the emergency services. The man, in his 50s, was found lying on the pavement in Chapel Road, Worthing, on the evening of Monday, 4th May. He had serious head injuries and his head was covered in blood. Sussex police believe he was left fighting for his life for several hours before a member of the public called for an ambulance. When paramedics arrived they called the police, suspecting he had been assaulted. According to a report in the Argus on 6th May, the man had been begging outside the Blockbuster store when two men beat him up after they objected to being asked for change. Sergeant Ian Kerr of Sussex Police was quoted in the Argus as saying: "The male was a local street drinker who was begging for some cash as people walked by... It is believed he remained at the scene for at least two hours before anyone came to his assistance". Sergeant Kerr also made an appeal for anyone who witnessed the attack or who saw the man lying in the street to come forward, adding: "We think he was attacked at around 10pm, so there probably would have been people around". At the time of writing, no one has come forward with information and no arrests have been made. Due to the lack of witnesses, Sergeant Kerr told The Pavement that there was "some doubt whether his story was true", but said "we can't disprove it". According to Sergeant Kerr, the man in question had drunk a bottle of vodka and may have fallen over.