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Get up and go

July 06 2009
You need a computer to survive, say homeless Americans Not having a place to call home makes it difficult to get work or healthcare ‚Äö?Ñ?¨ but need not be a barrier to mastering to World Wide Web. In Canada, one rough sleeper even hopes to make his fortune from his e-business endeavour. A Ukrainian schoolteacher has launched a pixel advertising site to make $5million. Terry Hladyak tried to start a new life in Toronto, but found himself on the streets within a fortnight. The 33-year-old used the local library as both an office and a home, and over the course of three months learned about digital media. His site,, has been promoted across international media. Pixel advertising works by selling the tiny dots that make up a computer image for a small fee. Advertisers buy sufficient space for a logo, which acts as a link to their website. Hladyak pledges that if he reaches in $5million target, he will give half away to charity. Meanwhile, a little further south, homeless shelters in San Francisco have reported a massive surge in rough sleepers carrying laptops amongst their belongings. A local internet forum for the homeless has 140 members, running threads on everything from night shelter reviews to finding work. America was concerned about a digital divide, but residents from even the most difficult backgrounds are prioritising online solutions. Californian Charles Pitts, who has slept beneath a highway bridge for the last two years, told the Wall Street Journal: "You don't need a TV. You don't need a radio. You don't even need a newspaper, but you need the internet."