Established 2005 Registered Charity No. 1110656

Scottish Charity Register No. SC043760

May-June 2016

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Crack + Cider
Is the controversially named enterprise a good deed or well-meaning meddling gone wrong?
Destitution: record high
1,252,000 peoplecan’t afford the basic essentials they need to eat, keep clean, and stay warm and dry
Journey of a Citizen
A longstanding member of Cardboard Citizens finds out what the company means to homeless people
Mental Health: Focus
Homelessness and mental health: ask most people who have been homeless and they’re likely to have something to say about the link. Often it’s a chicken and egg question: which came first?
PSPOs: a UK-wide problem
One in 10 British local authorities makes moves towards criminalising rough sleeping and begging