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Squatter takes to the roof

July 03 2010
The riddle of the missing ornamental rabbit is explained...

A squatter was found to have been living on a family's roof in a tent.

Mother-of-two Steph Wallace spotted the homeless man when she went to put out the rubbish in the back yard of her home in Folkestone, Kent. Pregnant primary school teacher Ms Wallace saw a foot sticking out over the wall before she realised it was a squatter who was asleep.

She locked the doors and called her husband Peter, who came home to confront the man.

By the time he returned, the man had fled, but the tarpaulin under which he had been sleeping - held down with an ornamental rabbit the couple thought they'd lost - was still there.

Peter Wallace said: "We were both completely stunned. We had no idea he had been there. We think he was up there for at least a few days, but who knows. He could have been up there for weeks."

Ms Wallace added: "I couldn't believe the cheek of it. It was a very scary experience to find out someone had been intruding on our space like that." He left behind a pile of cardboard he had been sleeping on as well as a carton of orange juice.