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What was said at the Soup Run Forum

May 18 2009
The Forum is planning research into the profile of the users of soup runs The Soup Run Forum is planning to carry out independent research about the users of soup runs, which could raise its profile as the group of leading organisations and individuals who provide soup runs around the city. Alastair Murray, of Unleash, who is the chair of the Soup Run Forum, said: "The main purpose is to establish a more accurate profile of who uses soup runs in central London and why they use them." The Forum discussed the planned research at its last meeting on Monday 17th September. Funding about for the project has not been secured yet, but the representatives of the Forum have applied for it. Researchers will join soup runs and ask users short and to-the-point questions which will aim to understand the accommodation status and income sources of users. Researchers might also ask why users come to soup runs and what other other services they use. Mr Murray, who will lead the steering group that will manage the research within the Forum, added: "How long the research will take partly depends on the funding, but the hope is for it to be an in-depth study. It is of value to the soup runs to have more detail about soup run users."