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Homeless men convicted of murder

December 09 2011
 Brothers found guilty of murdering homeless Swansea man


Two men have been found guilty of murdering a homeless man in Swansea in January.

Brothers Darren Rigdon, 34, and Christopher Hart, 38, were sentenced to a minimum of 16 years and 75 days by Swansea Crown Court.

David Williams, 26, died from injuries caused to his face and head, and also alcohol toxicity. Blood was found on the trainers of the two brothers, who were said to have punched, kicked and stamped on Williams.

They were sentenced by Judge Nicholas Cooke, QC, who stated: “You have been found guilty of the offence of murder. Entirely correctly the law draws no distinction between a millionaire in his mansion and a rough sleeper on the street.”

Although the attack was not found to be pre-meditated, a possible motive put by the prosecution was that the deceased called one of the brothers a “nonce” whilst they were in the same hostel in January.

Part of the conditions of their sentence is that they not be released until the parole board are satisfied that they will not return to their previous lifestyles, both already having convictions.

Judge Cooke ended by stressing the importance of organisations that are there for homeless people, specifically those in the case, including the YMCA, Dinas Fechan, Sisters of Mercy, Zac’s Place and Cyrenians.