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What to do if you\'re gay and homeless?

September 25 2009
Stonewall helps us out with some gay-friendly resources In response to Guy's letter (Letters, The Pavement, 28), about finding a place to meet up with others who are gay and homeless, we drew a blank. However, Helen Ward of Stonewall provided us with the following contacts, someone of which have been added to The List. Of course, if we come up with new services in future, we'll add those too: Albert Kennedy Trust works to ensure that that lesbian and gay young people are able to live in accepting, supportive and caring homes. The Trust provides homeless teenagers (under 21) with lesbian or gay homes where they can live and rebuild their lives. Unit 305a Hatton Square, 16/16a Baldwins Gardens, London ECIN 7RJ; 020 7831 6562; Open Door Gay Men's Housing Project 0208 743 2165; Stonewall Housing addresses the housing needs of lesbians and gay men. Provides temporary, supported housing for 16-25-year-old lesbians and gay men. Arranges resettlement service for tenants moving on to independent housing. Provides housing advice, information, referrals and advocacy. Carries out research and raises awareness on housing for lesbians and gay men. 2a Leroy Business Centre, 436 Essex Road, London N1 3QP; 020 7359 6242; email: