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Finding God and yoga

May 18 2009
The man helped by Colin Farrell has found God and is doing yoga - but he‘s still looking for a home The homeless man helped this year by actor Colin Farrell (Issue 25 - October) says he is now sober, has found God and is doing yoga - but he's still looking for a home. The Hollywood star treated David Woods to a $2,000 shopping spree and gave him $1,000 in September. But although the 51-year-old believed Farrell's help had turned his life around, he was still looking for a permanent place to live. He said: "Colin was the reason things have turned around for me. He's a great guy - an amazing guy, actually. He wanted to give me money to get a place, he offered me $40,000, but I said no. I have a problem and the first step is admitting it. Colin knows that too: Step One is honesty. We say that to each other. Money doesn't help." Mr Woods, from Toronto, Canada, spent $600 of the money on food, and with the rest he bought a new phone, shoes and a bike. He also plans to get membership at a local YMCA and is going to yoga classes. Now a daily churchgoer, he is living in a Toronto shelter that offers addiction counselling and programmes designed to get the homeless off the street. He said he had begun efforts to reclaim his monthly $800 disability cheque, which would allow him to pay rent and find a place to live. He had not collected it for over a year, for fear he would spend it on drugs.