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Killers convicted

May 23 2009
Two men were ‘proud‘ of what they did, jury is told Two men were convicted on 16th September for the murder of a homeless man in Kent. Alan Parker, 44, died from multiple injuries including a fractured skull, broken ribs and fractured neck cartilage after Duncan Shelbourne and Kyle Eames viciously attacked him in March last year. Mr Shelbourne, 45, and 21-year-old Mr Eames, who pleaded guilty, will be sentenced for the murder of Mr Parker on 10th October. During the trial, the jury at Maidstone Crown Court was told that Mr Shelbourne and Mr Eames appeared "proud" of what they had done. Prosecutor Oliver Saxby said a witness overheard Mr Shelbourne comment on Mr Parker's head having "squirted like a watermelon". Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Dean Barnes said the prosecution had "always believed that two people were directly responsible for Mr Parker's murder and, although Duncan Shelbourne refused to acknowledge his part, he has been found guilty".