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Headless reward for homeless man

May 23 2009
Anthony Silva gets ahead thanks to Macca‘s discarded bonce When members of the British public are not finding discs and laptops loaded with valuable personal data on trains, it seems there are other, less obviously lucrative, pickings to be found. When rough sleeper Anthony Silva found the decapitated waxwork head of Sir Paul McCartney in a train station bin, he did not expect to be given a ¬¨¬£2,000 reward. Mr Silva thought it was a ghoulish Hallowe'en Macca mask and had used the item as a pillow before returning it. The model of the ex-Beatle's head had been left under a seat by a local auctioneer and discarded by train workers. The complete waxwork had been on display is Louis Tussaud's museum in Great Yarmouth before going to auction. Sir Paul was expected to raise ¬¨¬£10,000. The auctioneer, relieved to get the head back, said he was eternally grateful to Mr Silva. "He told me he had just become homeless, so I hope the ¬¨¬£2,000 reward can help him."