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Credit crunch munch

May 24 2009
Homeless people in Coventry invited to clear the shelves of a delicatessen forced to close Homeless people in Coventry were invited to clear the shelves of a delicatessen forced to close because of the credit crunch. The owners of Polish-run Alma's donated their remaining stock to the homeless after the business went into liquidation last month. Alex Ignatowicz said he was delighted some good could come out of the sad decision to close: "We had so much food there was no way we could throw it all in the bin, so rather than see it go to waste, we decided to put it to some good use. "There was no point beating ourselves up about Alma's closing, and we believed it was important that all the canned and tinned food went to people who needed it most, like the homeless. "My mother Aniela, who was in Poland during the Second World War, knew what it felt like to go to bed hungry. It would have broken her heart to see all that good food go to waste." The generous gesture is expected to save local homeless shelter Norton House around £3,000 in money they would have spent on food. Rough sleeper Dave Rizakous, 53, said: "All this food has been a godsend. It's good to know people have good hearts and think of the needy."