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Death in Peterborough

October 01 2009
Homeless man found dead by River Nene A homeless man has died while sleeping rough on the banks of a river in Peterborough. Zilvinas Orzekauskas, a Lithuanian migrant, was found unconscious in August next to a makeshift cardboard bed he had been sleeping on by the riverside. An inquest, opened last month, is yet to determine his exact cause of death, but it is suspected that the 41-year-old died from a heart attack. Paramedics battled for more than 40 minutes in an attempt to resuscitate Mr Orzekauskas, who was found unconscious but still breathing on 18th August. The manager of a local homeless shelter said that this was not the fist time a homeless migrant had died in the Cambridgeshire city. Dough Styles, of St Theresa's Homeless Day Centre, said: "There are a lot of migrant workers sleeping rough in Peterborough, and it is a desperate situation for them. They come to this country to try to find work, but if they don't find it or fall out of work, they are not eligible to receive state benefits. They end up having no money and no accommodation, and find themselves sleeping rough on the streets and resort on living on next to nothing." Mr Orzekauskas was found at the back of a hedge next to the River Nene, lying on a number of cardboard boxes surrounded by empty bottles of cider and whiskey. A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service said: "We were called to the river after receiving calls that a man was unconscious near the path. When we arrived, he was unconscious but still breathing and it appeared that he had had a h?¬?morrhage. "There were also concerns that he had had a heart attack. Crews worked to try and save the man, but he was pronounced dead at the scene." Police have ruled out any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.