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Capital Volunteering

September 26 2009
Volunteering offers an aid to coping with mental illness - and it‘s rewarding A Camden man is overcoming the stigma of mental ill-health by showing how he has battled chronic depression through volunteering. Vander Peter is now helping to promote the scheme by The Capital Volunteering project which offered this opportunity. Through this project, Peter used volunteering in his recovery from mental illness. Diagnosed with chronic depression in 1989, he began volunteering in 1990 after a suicide attempt. Since then he has helped at a hospital radio station in London. "It's rewarding when you see how pleased some of the patients are to see you," he said. Peter supports The Capital Volunteering ethos that giving his time up to others "makes me less selfish and also balances my mind because I am not always thinking about me." Capital Volunteering operates in 11 London boroughs. Details can be found at its website. There are more than 26,000 admissions to psychiatric hospitals in London every year.