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Work for your benefits demo

July 03 2010
ECAP claims success against workfare provider

Opponents of compulsory 'work for your benefits' schemes plan demonstrated outside workfare provider A4e's Edinburgh office as this issue of The Pavement went to press.

The protest on 16 June was part of a UK day of action called by the 'NO TO WELFARE ABOLITION' network. Local organisers, Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty (ECAP), condemn A4e's multi-millionaire owner, Emma Harrison, for "raking it in", while "the sick, the disabled, the unemployed, single parents and other people who need support face cuts in services and the prospect of being made to work for their benefits."

ECAP claimed success for their protest at 'Protestors shut down A4e Edinburgh office'.

A statement read: "A4e cancelled all appointments and stuck up a notice declaring their Earl Grey Street office closed for the whole day, as demonstrators gathered outside."

It continued: "The Edinburgh demonstration lasted around two hours, with around 20 participants, and culminated at the nearby High Riggs Job Centre. Several new people joined ECAP's solidarity network, whereby people support each other by turning up to demonstrate if someone has serious problems with the authorities, such as having their benefits cut, being homeless or being menaced by sheriff officers."

• ECAP run advice sessions on "benefits, debt and housing hassles" every Tuesday 12-3pm, at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE), 17 W Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA. Telephone 0131 557 6242