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St Patrick?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s reopens

June 08 2011
Church has better homeless services after £3m refurbishment project


The Archbishop of Westminster officially opened St Patrick’s Church, Soho, at the end of May, after the completion of a £3 million restoration project. Part of the refurbishment has seen an extensive improvement of the church’s homeless services, including a new kitchen to cook meals for rough sleepers, a new café area doubling up as a place to feed the homeless, and a brand-new area for drug and alcohol counselling, and outreach work. Now the church has reopened, it will resume its former outreach services to the homeless that had been taken over by St Anne’s Anglican Church on Dean Street.

St Patrick’s was also the location for the first ever Open Cinema, which started at the church back in 2005, allowing homeless people to watch the latest movies and have a chance to make some of their own. The scheme has since spread across the UK.

The building itself has also had something of a colourful past. Before becoming a church in the 1890s, St Patrick’s was home to some of London’s high society. One of its previous owners, a Mrs Cornley, was a famous opera singer, socialite and bankrupt who had a child by the legendary Italian lothario Casanova.