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A10 deportation policy questioned

June 08 2011
FEANTSA calls for governments to respect EU directive


FEANTSA, the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless, has questioned the policy of deporting A10 nationals who are found homeless in the EU, saying the rules are unclear on action that can be taken.

The statement from FEANTSA, under the title ‘FEANTSA Asks for Clearer Rules on Free Movement’, covers all member countries. Stating that it “opposes arbitrary expulsions and calls for the respecting of procedural safeguards as set by the directive 2004/38”, it cites several examples of expulsion of destitute individuals by, for example, the Irish government, who flew back 548 EU citizens to their home countries in 2010. Within the UK this will affect, if heeded by the EU, a UK Border Agency (UKBA) pilot scheme, reported several times in The Pavement, which began in Westminster, Oxford, Peterborough and Reading in 2010. This scheme seeks to deport A10 nationals found on the streets.