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24 years for Ilford murderer

July 07 2011
Homeless man is jailed for the murder of another homeless man and the attempted murder of two others


A homeless man has been jailed for 24 years for the murder of another homeless man and the attempted murder of two others in Ilford, Greater London.

The brutal incident, reported in The Pavement (October 2010) saw Jaswinder Singh, 60, attacking 31-year-old Harbarjan Singh, Harteerth Singh and Jit Singh with a metal bar on 8 September as they slept rough.

According to a report on London 24, Mr Singh carried out the attack in revenge for being beaten up a week earlier. Prosecutor Zoë Johnson said: “It seems the deceased got the better of him on that occasion. He had been beaten, publicly humiliated and was swearing revenge.”

The 60-year-old first contacted the police to try and get the three men arrested. When that failed, he waited for the friends to go to sleep behind commercial premises next to St Mary’s Cemetery before launching his attack.

Jit Singh, who was left with a fractured jaw and a brain hæmorrhage, told police that he was in a deep sleep when he was hit hard on his head. “He woke up screaming and saw the defendant hitting his head with a three to four foot long piece of wood,” said Ms Johnson.

On 8 June, Mr Singh - an unemployed builder from India, who was wanted by the German authorities for hitting his partner in 2000 - was sentenced at the Old Bailey to 24 years' imprisonment.

Judge Richard Hone, QC, said that Mr Singh had a “tendency to explosive and disruptive violence” and told him: “You are a bulky man and have a propensity for violence. Yourself against three vulnerable persons gave you a major advantage.”

Mr Singh pleaded not guilty.