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Star - Burning Bright

A poem by Lawrence Blake

Star – Burning Bright

Starlight – twinkling bright.
Embedded in your black-velvet sky.
Fiery-furnace deep in the void
Casting white heat into the icy bleakness.
I pause to wonder – as I gaze yonder.
Are you still burning so bright?
The Diamond – sparkle – and glow.
On your journey of light.
Many aeons to get here. I gaze, amazed!
Could you be a burned-out husk?
Punctuating your shed, outer brilliance.
Like a glowing coat of liquid, molten fury.
Your stardust a cradle for new star-life
Like we all here on this earth one day die –
So the suns of our cosmos one by one now go
A final sun-burst, grand-finale death-glow
Constellations of white dots in our Milky Way
No longer visible at the dawn of day –
When our very own star rises.
Our giver of light and life.
Warming the air with your joyous rays.
Putting smiles on our faces.
Pulling back winter’s last traces.

My name is Lawrence Blake from London. I hope you like my writing (or maybe not…) done at the Margins Project, in the Union Chapel. I use creative writing to express my feelings of isolation and despair as I struggle each day with several long-term health conditions. I am in a state of limbo having had threats of repossession and eviction hanging over me for some time and live in a very basic manner. I feel very uncertain about my future, which comes out via my (bleak) poems. One thing is, though things are bad, I will not give up and will continue (with a little help) to fight on! A lesson/gift from my father was, “Never say Never”.

• Margins is close to Highbury & Islington station