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French soup

May 20 2009
Concerns are raised that some soup kitchens have links to extreme right-wing groups Soup kitchens in Paris will be serving pork once more, after a judge dismissed complaints that it was discriminatory towards Jews and Muslims. However, concerns have been raised over the links of some of the soup kitchens to extreme right-wing groups. Police in the French capital had shut down food distribution carried out by Solidarite des Francais, because of alleged racism; but the city's police were ordered to pay £670 to the group when the judge rejected the claim that SDF had refused to serve Jewish and Muslim clients. Groups across the country associated with a right-wing organisation called Bloc Identitaire have been handing out pork soup since 2004, claiming they are serving traditional fare to "our own". However, last winter Fabienne Keller, the mayor of Strasbourg, justified banning the soup kitchens saying: "Schemes with racial subtexts must be denounced." SDF's website states: "The only condition to eat with us: to eat pig... no pig soup, no dessert - the only rule of our action: our own before the others."