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Olympic 'flood' adds to street population
Have you noticed an influx in the middle of London?
Charities join forces to house the homeless
Low-rent ‘peer landlord’ scheme will help formerly homeless people get back to work
Princess Beatrice hostel: the story so far
Most eligible former residents were given a social housing tenancy or alternative supported housing 
Rough sleeper banned from churchyard
 The problem was drink and drugs, not homelessness, says vicar
Simon’s new service
 We look at the Community’s new service for women rough sleepers
Strike called off
Centrepoint and union reach agreement
Mapping DZs
Poor service at Centrepoint hostel
 Cold water and no lifts (but amazing staff)
Rough sleepers mugged
Were the assailants impersonating the police?
Centrepoint staff threaten to strike
Senior leadership team isn’t cutting its pay, despite cuts and job losses among the lower paid, complains union rep