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GPs: be more accessible
Doctors must stop turning away homeless people who need healthcare.


Bad case of the booze
Feedback after the Scottish Government introduced a minimum price for alcohol was mostly critical
From prison to the streets
Why do so many people end up homeless after leaving prison?
Inside out: Prison art on show
The British sculptor who created the iconic Angel of the North has curated a major exhibition of the work of prison artists
Prison system in worst state in 60 years
Murder and suicide in prisons are at a 25-year high, and assaults 27 per cent up
Empty buildings could be used by homeless people
Oxford City Council has agreed to consider opening public buildings to homeless people
Heroin users warned to be vigilant
There are fears that fentanyl is endangering lives in the UK


Poverty Safari
Darren McGarvey, Glasgow rapper and writer, had a difficult childhood in Glasgow
Night shelter
The winter shelters are open. Find out more about them and what to expect
Begging for change
There's a complicated relationship between begging and homelessness. And the solutions are not about sweeping people off the streets
Destitution: record high
1,252,000 peoplecan’t afford the basic essentials they need to eat, keep clean, and stay warm and dry
Doing it for the kids
Young people need services designed specially for them. But too often that's not an option...
Make peace
Family breakdown is the most common reason for young people becoming homeless


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Alexander Withers
Wee Alex is badly missed by his friends and colleagues in Glasgow,

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